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Sat Sep 23 - 09:00AM
Cascadia Cats Leavenworth Tour

November 15 General Meeting, Café Veloce, Totem Lake

 Cafe Veloce Gnrl Mtg LoRes

A hearty Italian dinner in a cozy corner of Café Veloce was a warm and welcome break in the middle of a week of freezing weather, tree and power line-topppling winds, but severe clear skies. Dave Bosworth walked to the November 15 general meeting from his home in nearby Kingsgate. His E-Type FHC was sideswiped and sidelined by a hit-and-run driver with a medical condition and is awaiting repairs at BritSport. Ray Papineau drove his British racing green XJS to the meeting, the only Jaguar as far as I could tell. It was the daily driver for the rest of.

Also attending the meeting were Bill and Rosemarie Young, Rob and Jane Roe, Kurt and Cheryl Jacobson, Vickie Kollmar, Zane Ware, Steve Christensen and VP Activities Tom Toth who arranged the event.

Story and photo by Kurt Jacobson


GlassworksKrklndResGlass Class

JDRC members got an unusual peek at the art and technology behind the gorgeous architectural glass that you see in high-end retail stores, restaurants, commercial buildings and the homes featured in design and lifestyle magazines. Tish Oye and Steve Shahbaghlian of Glassworks opened their Rainier Avenue South showroom and studios for our November 8th tech session. Founded in 1968, the company uses kiln work, sandblasting and stained glass techniques. Working closely with architects, designers and contractors, Steve and his crew design, fabricate and very importantly, crate pieces up to a dozen feet long for shipment all over the U.S. and beyond.
Bambo glass distortion better
Steve and Tish had hot coffee and plates of pastries ready for us in the kitchen area. But those were not enticing enough to lure members out of the showroom that displayed a more art glass techniques than you can imagine. There was a mirrored piece, a halftone photographic portrait and a piece sculpted by sandblasting. Steve is the designer. He then fabricates the work using one of his kilns, layering and mixing of clear and colored glass, sandblasting , stained glass and other techniques to bring his work to life. If you like architectural design, you have to see Glassworks (

Down in the tidy, clean and warm shop area, Steve showed us a relief side view of an XK120 body he created for us in blue glass. He displayed Jaguar Journal cover car that was the source image. He traced the outline of the shape of the car and the cut lines for bonnet, doors and spats. He blew those up in stages to 72 inches. Steve then cut out an intermediate size of the shape in blue glass and fired it over a mold. The glass slumped over into the indentations in the mold to give shape to the body and created the indented cut lines. I wonder where I can display all of those elements in our house. Steve is a former JDRC member and owns a 1986 Vanden Plas. There were many Jaguar banners and signs in the facility and “Jaguar Parking Only” signs greeted members. And because it was a beautiful day the tops were down on Ray Papineau’s and Bob and Tanya Book’s red XJS convertibles. Jim Lunz’ BRG Jaguar C-Type recreation crouched across the street where no one could touch it. 

Big kiln opensJaguar Glass Blue croppedXK120GreenCrop LoResGlassworks has several kilns of various sizes made by member Jim Lunz’ Seattle Pottery Supply, including one that is 13’ x 6.5’ and that contained a load of glass tabletops for the Seattle Center. Steve lifted the top of the kiln with single-post automotive lift, dedicated to this task, at each end. Being that close to such intense heat is not an everyday experience for most of us. Once the pieces have melted to the state Steve wants, it can take from two to four days to carefully bring the temperature back down, giving time for the molecules in the glass to align and keep the piece from cracking in the process.

Steve and Tish explained that even simple plate glass is not all the same. Manufactures such as PPG change the formulation which can unexpectedly change the color of the finished piece. Different glass formulations yield different results. Low-iron-content glass is less green, for instance. And the Rubbermaid shelf paper they used for masking started using a new adhesive that was more difficult to remove, causing problems until they discovered the problem.

Tish Steve Sample crop lo res

TiltWatch  Many of the pieces they create have irregular shapes and surfaces and appear to be molded or poured. But they are actually are created with up to six layers of glass, each ever-so-slightly different in shape, which slumps into a single piece with smooth, rounded, slightly irregular edges. Glassworks often sends many samples of the work to the clients for approval. After Glassworks delivers the finished product, they have not had to redo any of their work. Steve showed us a sample of a beautiful, thick, multi-color panel that was installed at the new-to-the-U.S. Hueb Jewelry store that opened in the fall of 2014 in New York City. Glassworks understandably takes great care and pride in how it crates their precious work which is often shipped thousands of miles. Steve pointed out one ready-to-ship crate-with a TiltWatch detector that does what the name implies.



Sometimes client’s may not understand that what they think of as art, may have to meet code, so all pieces that leave the Glassworks are safety glass. Because sustainability is important in architecture, Tish has taken the steps to necessary to achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and as the owner, Glassworks is a Woman and Minority-Owned Business in the State of Washington. The enthusiasm, creativity, ingenuity and the care with which they approach their work and their business is infectious. Our club thanks them.

Story and photos by Kurt Jacobson

Concours E-Type Rear End Restoration Tech  Session
Andy Macdonald, British Specialty, October 18, 2014

Tracking down Andy Macdonald’s British Specialty repair and restoration shop in Maple Valley was a bit of a treasure hunt. But his tech session was a treasure. Andy’s knowledge of Jaguar mechanicals is perfectly matched by his ability to clearly present the information, as the readers of his JagMag articles know so well. The October 18 tech session was well worth the wet drive to his facility hidden away in the woods near Maple Valley. Andy’s shop is located off a small paved road, down a gravel road, through a gate and around a couple of horse facilities on an equestrian estate.

Andy and E-Type diff

Stolen E-Type Jaguar to be returned to owner - 46 years on

A US Customs and Border Protection official shows the interior of a classic British roadster, a 1967 Jaguar E-Type convertible that was stolen 46 years ago, to Ivan Schneider by video linkA US Customs and Border Protection official shows the classic British 1967 Jaguar E-Type convertible to Ivan Schneider by video link - the first time he has seen it for nearly 50 years

Related Stories

An 82-year old man in Miami is to be reunited with his E-Type Jaguar sports car, 46 years after it was stolen.

Ivan Schneider was a young lawyer living in New York when his pristine convertible went missing from outside his apartment in 1968.

For decades there was no news, but then in June, it was identified during a routine check on vintage cars being shipped to the Netherlands.

Mr Schneider said it was a "miracle" the car had been found.

The Jaguar is now back in the US, but not yet with Mr Schneider. He said that he now planned to restore it.

Ivan Schneider's 1967 Jaguar XK-E convertible (17 September 2014)Mr Schneider says that he is looking forward to being reunited with the love of his life
The interior of the 1967 Jaguar XK-E convertible (17 September 2014)The car is old - like its owner - and "though beautiful is known for trouble under the hood"
Ivan Schneider's 1967 Jaguar XK-E convertible (17 September 2014)E-Type Jaguars have acquired a reputation as iconic sports cars

A US Customs and Border Protection official saw it had been reported stolen in June - two days into its journey to the Netherlands, where there is a high demand for vintage cars.

California Highway Patrol investigator Mike Maleta said the authorities arranged to have the ship operator transport the car back to Southern California in August.

Mr Schneider said the vehicle is now rusty and scratched.

Officials say the car is worth only about $23,600 (£14,000) because of its relatively poor condition and not the $100,000 (£61,000) a pristine model can command.

Mr Schneider was quoted by theMiami Heraldas saying that from the moment he acquired the vehicle, he was in love.

"I've always said that she was the prettiest," he was quoted as saying, pledging not "to push her too hard" now that it was being returned to him.

The Herald comments that the car is old - like its owner - and "though beautiful is known for trouble under the hood".

"I'll use it as a Sunday car," Mr Schneider is quoted as saying. "They were never reliable."

Mk IV re-creation

General Meeting and British Day at
Exotics@Redmond Town Center

Everything seemed close to perfect at Exotics at Redmond Town Center. The south lot was full of exotics and the center street was full of the featured British cars. But something was missing, David Massy and his ever-present Cotswold Blue XK 150 OTS, which symbolized our club’s participation in the event. Dave, Melissa and their children, Emily and Hugh were just settling in at their new home in Broomfield, Colorado. He has been our club’s biggest promoter of this event and the All British Field Meet. He has promised to still help with the website for a while and we are sure he will be our Facebook friend.

Exotics@Redmond Town Center takes place during the good weather months every Saturday from 9 to 11 a.m. Featured cars are parked along the center’s main street. Newer cars, such as XK8s, are parked on the southeast end of the street and the classics, such as E-Types are parked toward the northwest. In the center are the very special cars. This day, August 23, we were treated to Greg Whitten’s E-Type lightweight and Aston Martin DBR2/2, four orange McLarens and a matching orange and gray Morgan trike and some unusual rally cars, such as what appeared to be a Ford RS200. The Rally School, DirtFish was there providing information. They might provide an interesting JDRC tech session. Some of the Jaguar owners arrived too late to park in the center road and had to park in the southeast parking lot near the Claim Jumper restaurant with the more plebian cars, such as the Ford GT 40 Mk IV, 1932 Auburn Boat tail Speedster and a rainbow of Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

After re parking their cars, JDRC members headed upstairs to Spazzo for a general meeting, featuring a great Italian food, lots of stories and mutual kidding.

More pictures of the event here.

Story and car photos by Kurt Jacobson, general meeting photo by Ray Papineau

General Meeting, Spazzo, Exotics@RTC